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Making A Federal Case Out Of It

We are pleased to share a Federal Court decision dated September 26, 2014 which confirmed an arbitration victory for our clients.  The members of a real estate development company couldn’t agree on how to divide the proceeds from the sale of the property it owned.  Some of the members commenced a Federal law suit against our clients alleging all sorts of bad things.  We settled the law suit by agreeing to arbitrate the disposition of the disputed funds.  After five days of hearings, the arbitrator ruled in favor of our clients and awarded them nearly one million dollars.  The other guys then brought a motion in the Federal District Court seeking to vacate the arbitration award; we filed a cross-motion seeking to confirm the award.   In a twenty-five page decision, the Court thoroughly analyzed the factual and legal issues and held that there was no basis to vacate the arbitration award.

Cardinale Decision

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