MILLER LAW OFFICES, PLLC is a general practice law firm with an emphasis in Commercial/Civil Litigation and Corporate Law. 

Practice Areas

Residential & Commercial Leases
Commercial Litigation
Mortgage Foreclosures
Legal Malpractice
Brokerage Commissions
Real Estate Transactions and Disputes,
including Landlord and Tenant Proceedings
Commercial Collections
Clergy-Congregational Transactions and Disputes
Construction Claims and Liens
Business and Employment Litigation
Wills, Trusts & Estates
Business Formation & Transactions


Decisions of Interest

A Fool For A Client

The Respondent, Vargas Leon Corporation, failed to appear at the housing court hearing on the scheduled date.  As a result, a default judgment was entered against it that allowed the... Read More

A Big Win In Small Claims Court

Simpson v. Islip Terrace Fire District is the rare Small Claims case that merits an entry in our Decisions of Interest. Usually, Small Claims Court is a “People’s Court” where... Read More

Be Courteous

It is an age-old adage that “records are made to be broken”. Unfortunately, so, too, are contracts. Since the parties who entered into the contract have a vested interest in... Read More

Pay No Attention To That Man Behind The Curtain

It is a bedrock principle of law that a corporation and the person who owns/operates it are not one and the same. This is true even for people like... Read More

The American Rule

Many places in the world use the “English Rule”, where the prevailing party in a law suit is entitled to recover legal fees. America generally prefers the (aptly named)... Read More

Lien On Me

Shilian v. All Sons Electric is the subject of our second Newsletter. Our client, an electrical contractor, retained us after it was served with legal papers by homeowners challenging... Read More

More On Shifting The Burden

After our clients sold their home, they were sued by the (former) brokers. The brokers alleged that they were owed a commission since they introduced the buyer to the... Read More